WonderSleep Classic Series Air Mattress Review

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5/5 on July 30, 2017

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This very innovative WonderSleep Air Mattress with DreamCoil Supporting Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump has been taking the internet by storm and we totally get it. This air mattress is a queen-sized mattress perfect for couples and visitors. This is 100% portable, it can be inflated and deflated anytime you want. It also comes with a carry bag ideal for storage and transporting.

WonderSleep Air Mattress Key feature-

DreamCoil Supporting Technology

The WonderSleep Classic Air Series uses this unique coil support to your best air mattress. The DreamCoil features strong air coil for added durability and strength in your mattress, but still offers that soft and firm layer. This feature also makes sure that the air mattress stays inflated all throughout, eliminating the annoying procedure of constantly re-inflating air mattresses.

Internal High Capacity Pump

This extremely powerful rotary pump has knobs for air control and will allow you to inflate and deflate the mattress in less than 4 minutes. The built-in pump comes with a built-in cord holder for added convenience and cord protection. This pump, compared to other air pumps, is noticeably quieter, another reason to fall in love with it.

Other features of this product are:

· Queen Sized with Inflated Dimensions of: 78″ x 58″ x 20″. Its height is twice longer than the usual mattress.
· Reinforced bottom that prevent the mattress from sliding around on your carpet
· Waterproof and extra thick top layer for extra comfort and durability
· This also comes with 1-year warranty
· Manual pump good for outdoor and camping activities

Customer Reviews and Scores sub-headline

People who bought the WonderSleep Classic Series Air Mattress with DreamCoil Supporting Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump has been more than satisfied with the mattress’s performance. They were impressed that the Wondersleep Air Mattress did not deflate after an overnight use.

The Internal High Capacity Pump has also delivered what it was expected and even more, it was powerful, handy, and convenient. With its DreamCoil Supporting Technology, customers couldn’t believe that an air mattress could be that durable yet comfortable.

There were also some who were not happy with their purchase. They claimed that the product offers very limited warranty services. Some also complained that the air mattress are very weight constricted. One buyer claimed that it did not hold heavier people and that it deflated overnight.

These issues has been addressed to poor shipment handling and not the product itself. Though there are people who denied satisfaction with the WonderSleep Air Mattress, the overall satisfaction rate is still higher than the other brands.

WonderSleep Air Mattress details

The Wonder Sleep Classic Series air mattress only comes with a single color and size. It is a queen-sized, metallic grey and white air mattress. People loved the fact that the color does not distract the eyes, it embodies its classic image by sticking with a monochromatic scheme.

The size was also a compensation of space and portability. It’s not too small to be shared with, and not too big for a single user.


The WonderSleep Classic Series will definitely change your views on how air mattresses should be like. The robust materials can make it last for years, while the softness of it will definitely give you a good night’s rest. Everything about it will totally give you what your penny is worth. No wonder WonderSleep has been consistently acknowledged as one of the best air mattress brand.

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