SoundAsleep CloudNine Series Queen Air Mattress Review

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5/5 on July 30, 2017

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Are you feeling any difficulty during planning a camping trip with your family? Whether you are having traditional bed for your unexpected guests? All these issues can be resolved just by the best air mattress in the market. SoundAsleep Air Mattress are basically handy and it’s suitable for everyone with different sleeping style.

It’s really a wise idea to keep air mattress at home at all times. You can show your guest the best place to sleep with absolute comfort. The best air mattress CloudNine Series Queen was introduced in the market by SoundAsleep. It is bounteous with amazing features to enjoy your night with complete sleep.

SoundAsleep Air Mattress Key feature – Why CloudNine is the best?

SoundAsleep air mattress is designed by employing Dual smart pump technology and it is regarded as the best air mattress with advance features in the market. The main attractive features of this air mattress are Air retention, durability and longevity and comfort coil technology.

Comfort of the CloudNine air mattress

Comfort is never an issue in SoundAsleep air mattress. Additionally, it is designed with Comfort coil technology just to provide you with smooth and flat sleeping surface for both couples and single sleepers. It is one of the key features of this best air mattress and it’s really perfect for home and extremely easy to setup.

Durability and Longevity

This user friendly air mattress is extremely durable and weighs about 500 lbs. This product possesses everything you are looking for enjoying comfortable sleep. It is usually extra thick and possesses multilayer, puncture resistant material. It’s regarded as the best mattress in the market based on the air mattress reviews from the customers.

Other additional features

  • Lowest air leak capability- It has the highest air retention feature than other mattress in the market.
  • Possess Smart dual pump- This amazing feature reduces the risk of airbed deflating, even in the presence of pinhole.
  • Fast inflation- SoundAsleep air mattress has the capability of getting inflated just within 3 minutes.
  • No slip Bottom material and this reduce the chance of sliding or moving.

Customer Reviews and Scores sub-headline

Air mattress reviews helps you to understand this product very well. It is actually the best inflatable mattress in the market and many customers’ feels that the attractive thing about this air mattress is the fast and silent inflation by primary and secondary pump. The material is extremely thick enough to bear everyone with no tear and maintains constant pressure.

Sometimes you may feel the crushing sound while getting up or lying down in the bed but to your great surprise, the smart pump doesn’t possess any noise during inflation. Some may feel it’s little costly to afford but it possess so many interesting and exciting features that is really worth for your money.

Product details

SoundAsleep air mattress does come in exciting colors like Blue top/ Beige Body. The size of this air mattress is Queen and it’s really handy to use and extremely easy to use. This product is designed with the carry bag and that makes your transportation even easier.


Are you looking for a traditional bed to experience comfortable sleep?

Then, the ideal solution you can go for is SoundAsleep CloudNine air mattress. It’s actually a great product with amazing features that offers you comfortable sleep. It is an ideal product for single sleepers and for couples with added durability. It also offers smooth sleeping surface with constant air pressure.

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