The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed Portable Inflatable Air Mattress Reviews

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5/5 on July 31, 2017

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You can find various types of toddler beds in the market, like other baby products, which make it difficult to choose the most suitable one for your baby. A travel bed with air mattress can be a good choice for your baby but which can be the best air mattress for your baby? The Shrunks toddler air mattress reviews provided in this write-up can help you in making a well informed decision in this regard.

Shrunks toddler Air Mattress Key feature-

Guard rails

The design of guard rails provided on this toddler bed is the signature design of Shrunks’ as it stops your little baby from rolling down the bed while sleeping. The rails gently remind the child about the edge of the bed when he/she touches it while sleeping on it. So you need not worry about your baby as the guard rails of this bed keep him/her safe even if you are not by his/her side.

Tuck the sheet

The inner air mattress is another main feature of The Shrunks toddler travel bed it allows the parents to tuck the blankets or sheets easily and neatly to keep their baby feel cosy and safe throughout the night. It is the best air mattress as it prevents the blankets and sheets from falling down on the floor.

Other features of Shrunks’ bed

  • Convenient carrying bag
  • Quiet and low to the ground design
  • Made with safest and squeak free materials
  • Jettier electric pump for inflating the best air mattress quickly
  • Hassle-free full 2-year warranty
  • The orange valve, a sign to get authentic Shrunks’ product

Specifications of Shrunks bed

Dimensions of the product 60” x 37” x 9”
Weight of the product 5 pounds
Shipping weight of the product 7.7 pounds

Customer Reviews and Scores sub-headline

Most of the verified customers of Amazon who have bought this toddler bed have reviewed its mattress as the best air mattress as it keeps even their small adults safe and cosy throughout the night.

Most of them are satisfied with the performance of the air pump provided with it as it helps in filling air in this bed very quickly. Moreover its light weight allows them to take it anywhere with them to keep their toddler comfortable and cosy wherever they go.

Some of the users of the Shrunks toddler travel bed found it a bit shorter than other toddler beds available in the market but such comparison have no significance as still it provides enough room for the toddlers. Some are annoyed due to the smell it emits initially but it is not a permanent feature as it will go away with time.


Shrunks toddler Air Mattress details

Most of the users of this toddler bed with the best air mattress are satisfied with its 60” x 37” size and the type and colour of this travel bed. It can be deflated easily and quickly while packing it in the carry bag provided with it while travelling somewhere, regardless of the distance.


Thus, according to the air mattress reviews provided in this write-up the Shrunks bed is the best air mattress as it helps in keeping them safe and cosy while sleeping on them anytime. So it can be considered as the best option for your toddlers, especially while travelling.


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