Best Air Mattress Reviews 2018 : Comparison & Buying Guide

A sound sleep is essential for every living being. In the age of severe competition, it is hard to take care of ourselves due to ever-busy schedules and strict deadlines. At night, your back and mind call for instant relaxation. Moreover, when your mattress gives you more back pain, then it cannot be a good night for you. We have a one-stop solution for your sound sleeping requirements. You need to shop for the best air mattress that will provide you with necessary comfort and relaxation especially after a long, tiring day at the office. We would be discussing the different types of products that can give you the desired comfort, but an air mattress wins the race.

Types of Air Mattress

Initially, let us understand what an air mattress is, its functionality and the types of air mattresses.

Air mattress is also known as an airbed or a sleeping pad. The specialty of these mattresses is that they are inflated with air and not by other materials such as memory foam, latex, water, etc. Most of them have varying ways of inflating. The two reasons why air mattress is preferred by most of the people are:

It gives a sense of comfort, relaxation and satisfaction to the sleepers as one can adjust the settings without any chaos.

It comes in various kinds and suits every kind of occasion.

Let us go deep into the next part and check what kinds of air mattresses are available for you.

Air Mattress for Home – These are available as permanent bed for your home. You can place this mattress on a stand and enjoy sleep on this mattress. Though air mattresses are portable, this can be a permanent solution for your home requirements. If you do not want to use it as a bed, you can convert it into a storage unit.

Air Mattress for your guest room – These mattresses are suitable for guest rooms. Packed with higher comfort level, this can be easily folded and kept aside after use.

Air Mattress for Camping – Air mattresses are also available for your camping requirements. You do not have to sneak into your uncomfortable sleeping bags. These mattresses can be dumped easily in a rucksack when not in use and put in tents at night.

Air Mattress for Toddlers – These mattresses are exceptional for your toddlers. They can enjoy sound sleep even in car or while traveling.

Air Mattress for Aged people and patients – This highly customized air mattress is best suitable for aged people or patients. You can take much care of your elders by buying this mattress.

We have provided a list of best air mattress reviews so that you could get a comprehensive understanding of different options, technical aspects and added advantages of the products. It will definition help in your decision-making while buying an air mattress.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Best Air Mattress

As we spend one-third of our daily time in bed relaxing our body and mind, we need to check certain aspects before purchasing a good mattress. Hence, these are few things you need to check before buying the best air mattress.

The size of the mattress – Mattresses are available in different sizes. Hence, you need to choose the most appropriate one depending on your height, the height of your family members and the size of the bed.

Type of the mattress – As we have already discussed the different types of mattresses, you are clear about the same. You should be aware of the benefits and loopholes of each mattress.

Comfort and relaxation – The ultimate purpose of a mattress is to give you complete relaxation. If you do not feel comfortable on a mattress, then there is no point in buying that one.

The capacity of the mattress – You need to know how many persons the mattress best fits. Moreover, the mattress should be capable of handling the weight of the persons. Considering your weight and your partner’s weight, you can choose a suitable mattress.

Financial and other constraints – Expensive mattresses are not always the best ones. You need to search for a mattress that is comfortable for your body and pocket. One can find many good quality mattresses as per varying budget requirements. In addition to the budget, one should also know the return policy, money-back policy and the warranty period. As an alert customer, you need to be aware of all these terms and conditions before purchase.

Reviews – You can also check air mattress reviews of people who have been using since a long time. When you read air mattress reviews of people having requirements similar to yours, then you can buy the better product.

The 6 Best Air Mattress Reviews

The following is a list of the top 6 best air mattress reviews of 2018 with brief details on their features and advantage to guide you in comparing and pick the most appropriate and best air mattress for your needs.

#1. WonderSleep Classic Series Air Mattresses

WonderSleep Classic Series Air MattressesSo, if you have decided to buy yourself the best air mattress, then we are here to help you with the air mattress reviews.

The first one is from the WonderSleep manufacturers. This mattress is one of the wonderfully designed mattresses for the comfort of its users.

For instance, you can inflate or deflate the mattress in a few seconds as per your convenience. So, if you want a strong level, you can adjust easily.

If you are worried about whether this mattress will cause back pain, then there is good news for you. It keeps your spine straight all the time when you sleep on it. Hence, even if you change your sides while sleeping, this mattress will make sure you sleep correctly and properly.

Women are mostly concerned whether the beautiful bed sheets that they have purchased will fit on the mattresses or not. Yes, a bed sheet enhances the look of an air mattress. This kind of mattresses has rounded edges so that it holds the bed sheet intact.

Another significant feature of this mattress is that it can be converted into a storage box or a travel bag. It has an option that lets you store your belongings in the mattress while traveling. Definitely, this best air mattress is worth buy!

#2. SoundASleep CloudNine Series Queen Air Mattress

SoundASleep CloudNine Series Queen Air MattressThis is another good product as per our reviews. If you have tried many airbeds in the past and are fed up with the resulting problems, then you should give a try for this mattress.

This is the best air mattress for those who need sound sleep. As the name suggests, the manufacturers have been successful in creating a comfortable mattress with a dual pump technology.

You do not have to worry whether the mattress will give you firm hold or not. Even if you keep turning sides frequently, the ComfortCoil technology in this mattress will keep your spine straight all the night.

The material of this mattress is thick, highly durable and does not get damaged in case one spill water or makes it dirty.

The manufacturers are offering a one year warranty period that is crucial for every buyer like you. You can even forward your queries by contact the customer service team.

Another highlighting feature of this mattress is the carry bag. In case you are traveling to other places, and you are concerned about sound sleep, then you can carry your comfortable mattress with you in this carry bag. You simply need to follow the given instructions and get sound sleep during your hectic traveling days.


#3. The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed Air Mattress

The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed Air MattressWhoever said toddlers can’t travel with their parents did not know about Shrunks mattresses. Toddlers can also enjoy a vacation with their loving parents and feel like home when they sleep on the Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed.

This is the best air mattress for toddlers who are in a phase of transition to bigger beds. During kid transition phases, a parent cannot buy a separate, yet comfortable bed each time. Hence, this mattress is a perfect solution.

Your child won’t feel that he is out of the home when he sleeps on this mattress. The manufacturers deeply understand your genuine concern that your kids may roll off the mattress. As a result, these mattresses have guard rails that avoid this major concern.

This mattress is made out of safe and secure fibers so that your child feels soft and relaxing on it.

These mattresses can be inflated in a few seconds, and without causing you much trouble.

Most importantly, these mattresses do not squeak or create voices. Hence, your child can sleep comfortably and dream peacefully. Your toddler will always feel safe, cozy and sleepy on this mattress. Hence, if you are looking out for the best air mattress for your child, then this is one of the most appropriate ones.

#4. Alternating Pressure Mattress by Vive

Alternating Pressure Mattress by ViveMany patients in hospitals find difficulty to make movements on a bed. For them, an ordinary air mattress won’t be alright. Hence, the mattress manufacturer, Vive has created Alternating Pressure Mattress that is the best air mattress.

This mattress is generally added as a top layer on a regular mattress. Due to prolonged hours of resting and sleeping on the mattress, the patients can suffer from problems such as bed sores and ulcers. This mattress fights against such problems.

It is embedded with an excellent support system so that the weight of the patient is evenly distributed on the mattress. As a result, the patient does not slide on the bed.

The air chambers in this mattress lead to sufficient blood flow in the different areas of the patient’s body.

This kind of mattress is best suitable in hospitals and old age homes. If a family is nursing one of their aged family members at home, then it is recommended to buy this mattress. If you have an aged family member at your home that is immobilized or weak, then buying this kind of mattress will be the best choice.

#5. Etekcity Air Mattress Elevated Raised Bed Inflatable Airbed

Etekcity Air Mattress This air mattress is perfectly designed for people who need a deep, sound sleep at night, without causing back pain or discomfort. Even though this mattress is firm for your back, it will be equally relaxing for your neck as well as shoulders.

You need not to check whether it can hold your weight or analyze your sleeping position. This mattress takes care of every sleeper, irrespective of weight and sleeping style.

The material used for manufacturing is extremely soft and non-allergic for everyone.

Built-in electrical pump fast inflates or deflates airbed to desired firmness in approximately few minutes; power cable can be stored away in a built-in compartment to keep rooms clutter-free. Please ensure control dial is turned fully to inflate or deflate. Boston valve also gain able for an exotic pump to be connected to the air mattress.

Comes with a carry bag for easy storage and transportation; simply fold, roll, and store the deflated airbed into the carry bag; 1-year warranty and lifetime support provided.

If another worry has popped up in your mind whether this air mattress will suit your bed frame or you will have to spend money on buying a proper bed, then we have an answer. As this air mattress is available in different sizes, one can choose the most appropriate one. If you do not want to think more and buy a mattress quickly, then this is the best air mattress for you!

#6. Lazery Sleep Air Mattress – Raised Electric Airbed

Lazery Sleep Air MattressIf you want to get rid of uncomfortable sleeping positions, or back pains, or joint aches, then this can be the best air mattress for you.

You do not have to sink into the sofa or the saggy bed anymore. This mattress provides considerable ease in inflating, deflating and folding up after use.

If you need a mattress in your guest room, then Lazery Sleep Air Mattress could be a better choice. You do not need extra bed frame or anything for it. Simply adjust this mattress as per your guests’ requirements and let them enjoy a comfortable and relaxing sleep at your home.

The next morning, your guests would thank for letting them sleep on this mattress. This mattress can hold weight up to 500 lbs, and hence, the weights of your guests won’t be a concern.

As this bed is available with a carry bag, you can easily fold it and keep it aside when not in use.

Extremely handy, soft and worry-free, this is the best air mattress if you are looking for one in the guest room. So, go for this mattress to impress your guests and offer them a feeling of cozy bed at your home!

Where to buy the best air mattress online?

Those of you looking for the best place to buy the best air mattress, you can browse mattress shops in your city. But you need to check the reliability of that shop and authenticity of the mattresses. Of course, you have a choice to stalk through the online stores that sell air mattresses. The topmost name in our recommendation list would be Amazon. The online portal of Amazon offers ease in browsing the best mattresses, product descriptions price lists.

The best part of Amazon is the reviews of the past customers by which you can clearly know whether the product is good or not. Apart from easy buying options, Amazon offers the quickest delivery to all the customers across the globe. You can always expect that you receive the desired product that you have ordered online in the desired form, without any discrepancies.

If you are not happy with the product or would like to change the product type, then the customer service department at Amazon is willing to serve you.


Thus, we have carried out an exhaustive search of the best air mattress available online for your easy reference.

Initially, we deeply analyzed the requirements of different clients before purchase of an air mattress. The next step of action was browsing the online stores that sold air mattresses. Each air mattress is available with unique specifications and benefits.

As a result of a detailed study, we could enlist all the air mattress reviews to assist you in search of a permanent solution for your sound sleeping needs. So, if you are heading to buy the best air mattress, then do not forget to check the primary elements, including the reviews.